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New Matched Meat Color Snorkel Downlight for Supermarket

Product classification:
[BJW Downlight]
Input voltage:
Luminous flux:
Unit Price:
Meat Color/Golden Color/3000K/4000K/5000K

US $/piece
Snorkel Downlight 30W, 40W, 50W For Supermarket Meat Department

*Retail Lighting demands reliability and function as well as aesthetics from light. Our range has you covered, whether you need to retrofit and replace existing halogen, Metal halide or 
CFL Lights. If you are designing a new build, we have the lights to meet your needs.
*All of our luminaires are UV, IR and Flicker Free.
*Efficient LED Technology means you can save up to 50% on your energy costs using LED
*Multiple beam angles, Lumen packages, CCT options can be selected to suit your projects's needs.
*All of our luminaires can be provided with dimming compatibility.
*All of our snorkel downlight have up to 50,000 hours functional Life and a full replacement warranty.
* We have Photometric data, LM79 and LM80 reports plus compliance for All of the Luminaires in this range.
*BJW Light is a registrated reponsible supplier.
*Warranty Terms&Conditions avaliable on request. 
Basic Information:
Rated power 30W/40W/50W
Power Consumption 30±1W  40±1W  50±1W
Input voltage AC 100~240V/50~60Hz
LED Quantity  COB/1 PCS
LED Source Samsung
LED Luminous Efficiency 120-150lm/W
LED Luminous Flux 3300±10%lm  4300±10%lm  5200±10%lm
Luminaries Efficiency >90%
Illumination Uniformity >0.8
Illumination Uniformity Meat color / 2700K-7000K
Color Rendering Index Ra85
Beam Angle 15°/24°/60°
Degree of Protection IP40

 2.    Photos and Size(unit:MM)

3.Product features
1)Energy-saving: COB led chip,save 80% electricity than traditional lamp.

2)Environmental Protection:does not contain mercury, lead and hazardous substances, no environmental pollution, no infrared and ultraviolet to avoid harm to the human body, its green lighting products.

3)  Long lifespan:The life of up to 50,000 hours or more.

4)  Input voltage: AC100V-240V,wide range fit for most of customers’ request.

5)  Using high-power integrated lamp beads, high brightness, high efficiency, high CRI

6)  DC constant current driver, no flicker

7)  Direct optical illumination point than traditional lamps have higher light-use efficiency.

8)  The main body use the good thermal conductivity of aluminum , has good heat dissipation.

9) High light efficiency,low heat produced, save much electricity

10) To achieve the desired effect of nonglare lighting surface according to the different food, high color rendering and the food color looks more real. It’s better for customer's to select the food.

Used for fresh food lighting in the supermarket such as fruits, vegetables, flower, fish, milk,meat, frozen and deli food, also for dining table, etc. lighting places.