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Protection and Measures during Virus Spreading

Author: BJWClicks: Published time: 2020-03-24
Dear Valued Customers:

Hope everything is well with you!! We care about you when we watched TV news during this difficult period we are facing.
We assure that your government has applied was correct and that the spread will be minimized. 
Currently the virus in China is very stable and under control. Following we'd love to share what we went through BJW and me personal when coronvirus started spreading. 
1. The mainly affected province HuBei Wuhan, The government locked all the city exit to stop any people go out, until now Hubei citizen still stay at home only even if the situation getting positive. 
About the citizen already went out from Hubei province, the local officials tracking their footprint and required those people isolated immediately at least 14 days, cannot contact any other people, 
And about people in other cities, Spring festival during that time, Honesty we need family and relatives reunion, but all cancelled. We only can stay at home , stop meeting and visit our relatives and friends. 
2. All the canteens, cinema, shops, restaurants, factories,schools etc are all closed to avoid any people gathering. Government asked people to clean and disinfect the public place every day!
3. When I go back to Shenzhen from my hometown, every highway station need to check the body temperature and register all our information to make sure we are healthy. 
4. When we arrived at Shenzhen, the government asked us to isolated at least 14 days and every day need to reported our body temperature to the local officiants to prove our healthy status. 
5. After 14 days, finally we can go out, but must wear face protection mask, we need to wear mask when we restart working, wash our hands frequently by soap or alcohol based rub, distance between people keep at least 1 meter. 
Tough work when we applied our factory restart working from February to March, a lot of paperwork and strict measures. Each person need to check body temperature 3 times a day and some staff if catch a cold or cough, they were asked to working from home immediately.  
Let's all hope that in the weeks to come the virus will steadily disappear and develop the vaccine.  
Let's be positive and stay health and safe!