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Integrated Linkable No Darkness T5 for Refrigerator and Food Display Case

Author: BJWClicks: Published time: 2017-05-03
Integrated Linkable No Darkness T5 for Refrigerator and Food Display Case

BJW is a leading manufacture of Global LED Food Display Supplier in China for many years.
Here we want to share a new project case after installed our NEW INNOVATION T5 Integrated Linkable
No darkless T5 For refrigerator and Food Display Case. 

* 4 Original photos from our customer made in Supermarket in Australia.

*With Small size(Some refrigerator and display case which is too limited space to fit T8 Tube lights).

**With Unique&Customized color to bring out the freshness of the goods
  With BJW professional solutions, Retailers improve the visual of their display and also reduce product shrinkage and discard rates. 
Making the food looks more appealing and fresh help retailers maximize sales.
BJW Meat Solution:
1.Features a specially tailored color for meat to bring out the freshness. 
2. Illuminates meat and charcuterier in their optimum colors for irresistible presentation.
3. High energy saving compared to special color halogen lamps. 
4. Long Lifespan 50,000hrs with more than 100,000 switches.

BJW Bakery Solution:
1. BJW Bakery solution for bread have a concentrated in golden part.
2. Truthful color rending does not disturb the natural colors of the food.
3. Reduced warm up of goods illuminated.

BJW Deli Solution:
LED Lights emit no infrared or ultraviolet light which minimizes heatand consequently the spoiling of vegetables, 
bring out the best qualities in the food.

BJW Vegetables and Fruits Solution:
1. Fruits and vegetables should reflect freshness, They need higher color temperature and cooler light.
2. Truthful color rendering does not disturb the natural colors of the food.
3. Most fruits and vegetables looks good under medium-cool light sources.

BJW Beverage Solution:
1. Enhance the drink visibility    
2. Cold color temperature bring out cool summer for clients.    
3, Stimulating the purchasing desire.

Following are some unique advantage of T5 Integrated Refrigerator Tube Light:
1. Working Temperature is -20 degree to +20 degree with plastic cover. 
The new model can work perfectly on -20 degree to +20 degree with plastic cover and humid environment.
Truely waterproof used in supermarket.
The lumens is about 110Lm/W and CRI up to 98. R1-R15 Perfect close to food! 

2. Few units of T5  connect directly, shorten dark space, make merchandise more glamorous

3.Flexible and linkable(10 Meters), easy installtion to solve the expensive cost for electrician problem.

Finally, BJW Solutions are fantastic and amazing for food retail lighting, especially for the food display cases 
with its perfect light color, high visibility, low heat and no infrared and Ultraviolet. 

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