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BJW IP65 Refrigeration T8 installed in United States Supermarket

Author: BJWClicks: Published time: 2016-09-08
BJW IP65 Refrigeration tube light T8 used in United States Supermarket

Here are some feedback from our customer about BJW T8 Refrigerator in United States. New project at Eagles Rocks Walking cooler, Island Display Case, Produce Lighting, Cooler Door Lighting and so one. The main positive feedback is the T8 Refrigeration Tube light. 

Advantages of our IP65 Refrigeration Tube Light:
-Lamps never use the chemical element, Structural design to meet Waterproof IP65 without industrial glue. 
-Working Temperature -40 degree to +35 degree. 
-IP65 Tube Lights installed in freezers will increase customer's purchase desire and enhance the aesthetic Pleasure for buying,
Tremendously increase the sales of freezer company and supermarket.
-Increased light intensity from the top of freezer, food kept in freezer looks more fresh, clean with more attractive visible elements. 
-Raw materials for IP65 Refrigeration Tube lights are environment protection and energy saving. 
-Extend the freshness date of food and increase fresh keeping effect of refrigerators.